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Tax Investigations and Tax Enquiries

HMRC Tax Investigation and Enquiry Assistance

Unfortunately, it is a fact of business that at any time you could come under investigation by HMRC through no fault of your own.

HMRC now investigates businesses at random as well as for specific reasons. If you are selected at random, you need an accountant who knows how HMRC works and thinks, and is prepared to fight your case and make sure that HMRC keep to their own internal guidelines.

Our experts will talk you through the enquiry process, what you might expect from that process, and we will continue to support you and provide valuable advice throughout.


Advance Accountants are only able to represent existing clients who have Fee Protection Insurance. Please contact us for more details.

The penalties that can be imposed on you and your business

There are several types of penalty that HMRC can seek to impose on you or your business following an investigation for undeclared income. As well as having to pay any outstanding tax you may owe, you can find HMRC seeking penalties to the same amount - effectively doubling your tax bill, and they will also treat the payment as being late and so charge you interest on the amount. This is certainly not a pleasant experience, but with our expertise on your side you can be assured that any payments or penalties will be minimised.

We can reduce the chances that you will be investigated

HMRC undertake investigations completely randomly, regardless of the size of your business, its location in the UK, or its turnover. Anyone can be investigated without reason, but most investigations and enquiries take place because HMRC see something in a tax return that they don't like.


The experts at Advance Accountnats know what sort of things will give rise to suspicions if not fully explained when submitting information to HMRC. We ensure that all paperwork sent as part of a return is fully checked to identify any areas that might lead to an enquiry or investigation, significantly reducing the chances that you will have to go through this painful, and often expensive process.


Insuring yourself against an investigation from HMRC

Advance Accountants recommend that you make provision for the costs of a tax investigation, and we can advise you on the various schemes that are available to your business. The costs of any accountancy firm acting on your behalf during an investigation can run into thousands of pounds, so it is important to consider protection of some kind.

Some of our frequently asked questions